Due to previously mentioned contradictory consequences, theories and paths of the modern science, the world is experiencing a lot of adverse consequences. Somehow, today’s

enlightened human considers technology as a science, and he makes it a goal to search for various types of facilities and means of luxurious life. In my opinion, the other branches of science and technology can never be fully comfort giving, which is based on contradictory theoretical physics. Just think that the agricultural scientist who invented the chemical fertilizers, saw that their use would increase agricultural production, but he had no knowledge of the medical science. For this reason, he doesn’t have idea that the fruits, cereals, etc. produced from this fertilizer, would make human and animal bodies home to the diseases. He did not even have full knowledge of agricultural science otherwise he would know that his invented fertilizer will make the fertile land gradually barren. Today we are eating poison everywhere, drinking poison in water, inhaling poison from the air. There is no allopathy medicine, which has no side effects. The information technology and robot technology from that the world is captivated today is also the madness of incomplete science and the hunger of facilities. someone will experience it or not, but I want to say to the world that these techniques are taking the world towards fierce destruction. Unfortunately, I am also obliged to give you my thoughts from this information technology. As the medicines increased, there is increase in disease, physical and mental impairment, along with increasing agricultural production, decreased its quality, the means of entertainment destroyed the character. The modern science has been continuously explaining its misconceptions but by that time human beings become so sick in the technology that also by experiencing the crisis on life, they can’t dare to abandon that instrument.