Modern science does not think beyond the boundaries of availability of technology and the

limits of mathematics. According to time, he is trying to expand or invent the technology and mathematics. For this reason, the strength of its observations and experiments is also increasing and its conclusions are continuously changing. When I discuss this with the scientists, they call it the power and dynamics of science. It is a good thing to be dynamic for someone to continuous advancement towards truth, but there is nothing special about the series of making mistakes and correct them again and again to prove it dynamic. The reason for this is that the modern science satirizes the philosopher’s logic and intuition. In fact, in the absence of correct logic and intuition; experiments, observations and mathematics are often unsuccessful in making accurate conclusions. If the scientists do not accept my statement, then I would like to know why the different models of cosmology are popular even when the availability of all these means? All scientists call their own models true. Are many contradictory facts can be true in the same subject? If it assumed to be correct, then science will have no meaning? I don’t know why this spontaneity of facts is also running in the name of science throughout the world. I would like to request the scientists of the world that they also think of my opinion that there can only any one conclusion and theory of conflicting principles right, not all. Just think, is the modern science not wandering without the right way? If yes, then try to know what amendments should be made in the modern research system? My Vaidic science can give you enough guidance in this subject. Yes, this article is not meant to be understood that I am denying the need for observation, experimentation and mathematics. I am a full supporter of the scientists and their experiments, observations and mathematics but in the passion of these instruments, the reasoning, intuition or conscience should not be discouraged, that is my request.