Modern scientists discuss galaxies, stars, planets, satellites, etc. in the field of cosmology. They do not discuss the beginning and the basic material cause of the creation. Big Bang, Big Bounce etc’s supporters consider the beginning process by an immediate explosion. They do not focus on the formation of the fundamental particles of the universe and their structure etc. For this, they talk about the separate reading of many branches as Astrophysics, Particle Physics, Quantum Field theory, Atomic-Nuclear theory, String theory etc. In real, there is no basis of cosmology without all of these? They talk about the roof of the building, while they fast forward the talking of the foundation. When, there is not one scientific expert for all these subjects, then how can the topic of cosmology be understood which have the mysteries of origin of the universe? I do not know whether they discuss these topics together or not, but if a person does not understand the depth of all these topics, then the modern physics can’t give the error less physics to the world. While studying all these subjects, they never consider the necessity of God’s power; however, some of them accept the power of God but they do not ponder over how he creates and operates the universe. What is his mechanism? For this reason, there is currently no authentic science named modern theory of universe.