You might be thinking that in between the talk of Vaidic Theory of the Universe, why did I start the discussion about religions? In this topic, I want to make the world aware that no religion, ideology or creed in this world is without any philosophical basis. And there is

no philosophy, where the creation and its creator are not discussed. However, Buddhists, Jains and other atheists do not discuss the creator, but they also discuss the creation and ethic system in their own way. There are many differences in the process of creation manifested in all sects or religions. In my opinion, these differences are the main and root cause of the hatred between humans. On the other hand, there are many conflicting theories of scientists going on in the field of modern physics, especially cosmology, which is based on experiments, observation and mathematical explanations. The market of fantasy is everywhere. Nobody thinks that when the universe is one, then how can the theories of its creation be different? Whether they are religious philosophies or modern science. It is of course that the scientists do not shed blood of each other while believing in different theories, listens to each other and conference together, but the scholars divided in communities creates discrimination walls. For this reason, in between the discussion of the Vaidic Theory of Universe, I talked about the humanity of this earth as well as the unity of all the intelligent beings of this universe and the welfare of all other types of creatures, because we all human beings and creatures are descendant of this creation and its creator.