At present, the enlightened people from all the religions and ideologies are studying

modern physics as authentic. In doing so, their religious or other ideological walls never create any obstacle, but they all, by going to their places of worship, or sitting in their own community, started listening to and make others listen to the stories of creation, according to their religion or belief. Even they are aware that their religious beliefs related to creation are also quite different and ridiculous in terms of science. Even if they are highly enlightened, they are bound by their religion and religious texts that they do not wish to speak and think against them and if they think such a thing, then they do not have such courage to oppose. If someone have courage to speak against their belief, then the orthodox people of that community, who also can be a science scholar, can bring him into trouble. This misfortune is associated with all the religions; Hindu (actually, Hinduism is not a religion but a group of many religious beliefs), Muslims, Christians, Jews etc. There can be difference in the quantity, but the darkness of ignorance is everywhere. Today, Islamic terrorism in the world is its current example. Some people are separated from all the religions called themselves leftists. It is said that they consider themselves to be very intelligent, progressive, but after listening to their discussion there is no such element. In India, they consider it a sign of progressivity to talk of breaking their own country.

In my opinion, this is all happening because the true knowledge of the universe is not being enlightened in anybody’s mind.