All the brothers and sisters from all over the world! Together we should think that our destructive bodies have been created from the same substance. The earth is the mother of all of us, but it is not even in the whole universe as much as one drop water in front of the sea. It is the small planet of our solar system. It is only 1.3 millionth of its Sun. There are approx. 200 million stars like our Sun in our Milky Way galaxy. Along with this, there are almost 200 million galaxies like us in this universe. Just think that there is no calculation of our earth in this universe, then what is the status of our countries, so-called religions, castes or the so-called sects? After that what is the condition of our body? Even on this, we assume ourselves as a great man, filled with arrogance, ego, anger, jealousy, violence etc. and always tries to under estimate others. We should also think that where our body is made of same substance, then there is also the creator of our bodies is only one God. He is the creator, operator and controller of the whole creation, and our father, mother and Guru. Then, all the beings have mutual relation between each other as brothers and sisters. Then, does it suit us that we become the blood thirsty of each other.

My friends! If we understand the science of creation truly, then we must have the realization of this truth. It is a sad fact that the modern physical sciences can not give us the exact sense of creation, this is the reason that the world is also unstable and unhappy in terror, violence, sexuality, anger etc. even when then science has attained the highest altitude. I hope that my work will be helpful in attaining the happiness and pleasure for all human beings with the real knowledge of creation.