In the discussion of the Vedas, one thing should be kept in mind that Vedas are not the texts of any class or country. It is not only for all the human beings, the texts of all the science and Dharma (code of conduct), but in the whole universe, wherever such intelligent animals reside as humans, these are the Vedas for all of them, the language and shape of those creatures can be different from the people of the earth, but their Dharma (code of conduct) and science should be essentially the same. Unfortunately, we don’t have one Dharma on even the earth. We are divided in the boundaries of countries, languages, various ideologies, sects etc., that everyone is looking at another from the point of hatred and disgrace. The hard work is being done to increase the number of their classes through narrow unity, trickery, terror or other mis-conducts. Man is not seen anywhere today, but he is a Hindu, Muslim,

Christian, Jew, Persian, Buddhist, Communist, etc. and becoming the enemy of one-another. In such a difficult time, only the Vedas and their science can bind humans in the unity of humanity. If ever there is contact with intellectuals living in another planet outside the Earth, then only vedas can add them to us. Today, it is said that some people are associating the Vedas with the caste or community, others by merely misinterpreting the Vedas, and considering its a scripture of Hindu rituals. Yes, the scholars associated with the Arya Samaj see this in a broader form, but the Vedas are much more broad, eternal and universal than this. Yes, it is of course that after many protests, the whole world believes that the Vedas are the oldest scripture in the world. I request the wise scholars, orators and leaders of all the communities of the world to think seriously about which ideology and culture were acceptable to all in ancient age before his community came to this earth. Please try to utilize your power, intelligence, wealth and people in saving this earth by giving up the narrow emotions and all the prejudices.