After requesting introspection from the followers of different religions, I want to request those people, who advocate the equality of all religions, believing the all religions establisher of one truth.

1. Do they believe that things such as God, Soul and Karmfal system are dependent on beliefs only? If anyone don’t believe in these things then their existence will end?

2. If their existence is dependent on our faith, then why should it be believed? There will be no faith and no time of us will be lost in religious rituals. In addition to this, there will not be any wall between humans in the name of religion.

3. Have you read the philosophies of all the religions deeply? If not, then how do you decide, that all religions are exponents of truth?

4. Does anybody say this about the physical materials that the science of these substances can be of a variety and all of them are true. Can the science of the Sun, stars, earth, galaxy, photon, particle, wave, water, etc. be separate and contradictory? And can you preach to all those opponents of equality?

If this is not so, then why such false statements are made in the field of spiritual science? Why don’t we try to discover a truth by studying all the religious opinions without any prejudice?