Islam had ruled this country for almost 700 years. Millions of Hindus beheaded, thousands of temples had broken, and converted into Islam, but they could not make all Hindus slave to Islamism. The reason for this was that they could not make us a devotee of Islamic

education, even though we learned Urdu, Persian languages. On the other side, the British ruled only 200 years, but they made every Indian or Hindus totally slave of the British. The reason for this was that the British made total slave of their education and destroyed our Indian education. They also convinced us that the British were the most civilized, educated and scientific geniuses in the world, with the help of their technology and science, they forced us to believe that India has always been stupid in the field of science and technology. In this belief, all the educated and uneducated people of India became their intellectually slaves. Even today, the so-called enlightened people of the country condemn the ancient Indian history, the Vedas, the Devas, the sages, and the other great men.

Such alleged progressive, enlightened or leftist sitting on the TV channels, abusing our own country filled with pride. With great humility, supposing them as my dear, I want to convey that my book ‘Ved Vigyan-Alok’ which will be available for sale in three to four months, will not only break this illusion, but will make the enlightened intellectuals of the world as well as the top scientists to bow to the great wisdom of Vedas, Devas and Sages. Then there will be help in controlling the ethnic, racist, communal, linguistic and social discrimination which have not been overcome by the so-called Hindus yet. Both these passionate speakers and the campaigners of nationalist ideology, who communicate with them must learn the truth by serious study and pondering over that. I want cooperation in this work not only of all Indians but also of all humanists, who love humanity and true science.