Various religious ideologies and other types of discrimination are also particularly liable after this fear. I would like to know from the advocate of various communal discrimination-

1. Have you ever thought that the community, you trust, is based on full scientific truth? Here the scientific truth is not to be interpreted as the extinction of modern science.

2. Have you considered your beliefs, even though they are very old, with an active heart, a strong brain and logical thinking?

3. Have you ever thought that which Dharma, do the initiator of your sect followed? And which is the first religious ideology and scripture on this earth existed?

4. Do you believe that the divine knowledge (God’s book) in which you believe, have the entire divine knowledge exists in the world? Does that book behold the science of whole creation and knowledge of universal and eternal social behaviour in it?

5. Have you ever considered that the books in which there is a history of a person or a country, the history of the geography of a country, how can that scripture be divine?

6. Should not the creation of God’s book and God-originated religion be made with human’s creation? If a book, which had been written a few thousand years ago, should be considered as a divine book, then will not the injustice of God be with the human generations that existed for millions of years before the writing of that scripture? Then would any theist want to call his God or Goddesses unjust?

7. Will divine knowledge not speak of the interests of all human beings? If not, then that book can not be called divine.

8. If it is believed that God sends new prophet to give knowledge based on the time of situation, time and country, then do you believe that there was a lack of knowledge in the early conscience of God? Or he forgot something, to give that forgotten part he gave another knowledge. If this happened, then why should a little knower be considered God? Who forgets, how can he build and operate such a vast creation?

9. When any material of the universe is not dependent on our beliefs then how can God, the creator of those substances depends on our beliefs? Similarly, every substance of creation has its own scientific form and mechanism, then why will not the God have his own scientific form and mechanism?

Come on! My friends around the world! You must consider these questions once without any prejudice. I believe that your soul will surely be able to support the truth.