Truth is the path of simplicity and untruth is of maladjustment, that is, truth is a way of straightforwardness, cleanliness, openness and untruth, is of rugged, crowded path. Unfortunately, the person is going to abandon the simple path and like to go on a crooked path. It is of special consideration that animals, birds and new born children often follow the truth, whereas the person who assumes himself to be wise, always thinks of pride in walking on a false path of deceit and maladjustment. When a child is born, at that time he is free from any narrowness of Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jew, Persian, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh, Communist etc. At that time, he is also far away from the discrimination of the so-called castes and is an innocent person. He has no bad values like discrimination, jealousy, hatred, fabrication etc. But as soon as it starts to grow in the shadow of his mother, father, other dependents and society, who all consider themselves as decent and intelligent, put jealousy, hatred, deception, violence, discrimination, the poison of communal fanaticism within that child. By that the same holy child becomes the generator of fear and unrest in this society, or he becomes fierce man and sow the seeds of hatred.

My friends! Just think, is this the use of wisdom given by God? In this way animal and birds are good than man, which are free from these sins. Non-vegetarian animals also prey on hunger only. They do not commit violence having overwhelmed by discrimination, hatred, deceit, jealousy etc.

There is only one reason for this total misunderstanding in my opinion that they do not have the knowledge that the whole creation is created by the same substance and by the same mechanism. All our, to be used substances are destructive and we, spirits are eternal. If people ponder all this, then this human can not be an enemy to each-other. Today, if man is fearful and sad to anyone, then, it is only man. This is the irony of this unfortunate world.