As far as I am concerned, no religious community of the world is considered untrue things right, but followers of that religion follow various misconceptions and false traditions for the promotion of their religious sects. They are never ready to accept the false perceptions of their sect and good concepts of other religious communities. The preachers and leaders of these religious sects regard the false hypocrisy as an essential part of their community, against whom they become very sensitive. If they see a page of their religious texts lying on the ground, then they are ready to set fire to the world. There is a lot of controversy about color, conflict of flag etc. and many other sensitive issues in this world, becoming the reason for disturbances and terrorism. If today’s radical Muslims have power, then they should paint the rising sun and fire in green and in the same way if there is the power of a very orthodox Hindu, then he would paint the entire vegetation of the earth in the saffron color. Intolerance is increasing rapidly. Attempt are being made to downplay the traditions of each other. This is being called religious perseverance. These nobles take a lot of trouble for worship of their Gods. They walk hundreds of kilometers on foot, some others complete their journey by crawling, some tolerate hunger and thirst in the month of Ramadan; Some others bear hunger in Navratri, someone ties bombs on their back and prepares for the death of their own and others. Oh! What the sacrifice, dedication and fearlessness in their lives? Of course, the determination and beliefs of such orthodox people towards their religion is compelling, for which their sacrifice is praiseworthy.

My friends! in spite of all this, consider this point, that who is doing others well by this dedication and sacrifice? What kind of religion is it to be sad and hurt others? Will this type of faith benefits anyone? If such a belief or renunciation becomes for the truthfulness, then the entire human race will be united with the unity of truth. Then there is no dispute between caste, creed, language and regions. But this is not happening. The preachers of the truth, honesty, justice are sowing seeds of falsehood, impartiality and dishonesty. Remember that truth does not becomes reason for fight, whereas untruths always be the reason to fight.