Today, the number of communities is increasing around the world, while in the same proportion, communal bitterness and conflict between human beings is increasing. The

person or group of individuals, which has much faith in their community, treats other communities or individuals with as much hatred or animosity. Sometime this belief begins to challenge the nation’s law and system. He is not ready to accept the sins such as murder, rape, terror, robbery etc. on the alleged leader of his community. He is ready to die for his alleged leader. He can kill thousands of people, but not ready to think that the beliefs of his community are how much truthful or false. He kills voiceless animals in the name of the community, eats that meat as a prasad. By sacrificing human values ​​like truth, non-violence, honesty, mutual love, compassion, he is happy in his religious frenzy.

My friends around the world! Just think that if these values are not within us, then how can we religious? Damn to that religion, which kills these human values and sets the world in fire of unrest, violence, jealously etc.

Sadly, all those who do such evil deeds just think that they are following their own God’s commands, they are walking on the path of their divine book, that will give them heaven, etc. Due to this misunderstanding in the world, the whole world is sitting on a pile of gun-powder.