If you look at religious scholars of the world; Pandits, priests, clerics, or other monks, then it is clear that the world’s largest blood has been shed only in the name of religion. It is not necessary to discuss this bloodshed history here. The world’s enlightened people can think themselves unbiased in this matter. These religious leaders have never attempted to think that from which God, Ishwar or Khuda, they pray for the destruction of their opponents or ask for the power to destroy them, the opponents are also the descendants of the same God, Ishwar or Khuda. Both the opposing sides pray for the destruction of each other by their God, then of whom the God will listen to? The reason for this is that they do not know what God is, is he true God? They do not think anything scientifically about the creation of the universe. As long as they do not think about this, they will not be able to know how God or Khuda is, where he lives and what he does? If he is the creator, then how

he does his work, what is his mechanism? It means that they believe in God or Khuda etc., they worship them, but they are unaware of his real nature, in such a situation their worship or prayer will always be confused. This is the reason that thieves, robbers, burglars, terrorists also worship in their own ways for the success of their mission and pray to fulfil their evil mission to their God.

My friends! Just think that in the absence of scientific thinking about God, the whole human society is trapped in false beliefs and doing sin? This is becoming the cause of sadness, unrest and terror in the world?