This is the reason why scientists and religious scholars are so far apart that they do not have any interaction with each-other. Common people are in a state of suspicion on both sides. Sir Albert Einstein, Richard P. Feynman, Sir Isaac Newton and many other top scientists believed in the power of God, but they were dependent on the alleged religious leaders (clergymen) for what is the God. They never asked that what is God and what is the process of creation of the universe by him in their religious scriptures? is there any similarity to their modern science or not? If they used to question anything on the beliefs of God, then the theist people would also be forced to think about the God. But no scientist ever had the courage to do this. Recently, British scientist Stephen Hawking has done a good analysis and rejection of such fabricated Gods in his book “The Grand Design”. Yes, it is right that he

advocated cutting the head to remove headache. In the process of rejecting the fabricated Gods, he also rejected the necessity of true God. I understand that the reason for his mistake is that he has never heard anything about the true God. Such an atheist scientist only claims to understand the projection, experimentation and mathematical interpretations gained from his power. In this ego, they reject the role of the creator and continues to disseminate many contradictory findings by calling them their own theories. In this way, both the theist and atheist scientists drown themselves and other people in the ocean of misery by presenting half truth to the world.