At present, those scientists, who believe in the power of God, use their scientific talents while doing scientific research, but they do not think anything about God. They think that this work is of religious scholars. By assuming this, many scientists are seen trapped in the trap of superstition and stereotypes. Perhaps they think that subject matter like God and Spirituality is not a matter of science, because no experiment, observation and mathematics will work on them.

On the other hand, those who are considered religious, at the time of studying the modern science, also use scientific intelligence in colleges and universities, argue and communicate in various types, but when they discuss their religious sect or worship styles, they do not use a little bit of their intelligence, because they believe that there is no need of scientific intellect, logic or intuition, in religious matters. Religion is only a matter of faith and trust, which can be separate for different groups of people or individuals. When they buy goods in the market, they argue with the shopkeeper enough, they are also careful even in buying vegetables that no rotten vegetable come in, but in the field of the most important thing of life; “Dharma”, they stop their intellect and immediately accept the words of their alleged religious texts, clerics, clergymen, Pandits, saints or any other religious leader. They become so orthodox towards those false religious things that they are not ready to hear a single word, which is against their religion, but is ready to shed blood for it. They never doubt their alleged religious texts, communal laws and religious leaders, but they consider it a sin to doubt and argue on them. This is being seen in all religious sects.