Today, the world is entangled in the above-mentioned vortex. After discussions of scientists and their misconceptions we also discuss some of the different religions and their

philosophical beliefs. We know very clearly that every sect and their basic text, which believes in God’s power, considers God to be the creator and operator of the universe. No sect believes that his God, whom he calls Ishvar, Khuda, God, or anything else, creates and abides of the same community, but he considers him the father-mother of all the world. But when he behaves in the world, he captivates himself in the chains of religion or the so-called caste and treat other humans as any external creature. This defect is being seen in all communities of the world. Christians are divided into sections of Catholics and Protestants, even after being one Bible follower. Muslims, who believe in one Quran, are shedding blood separated in Shia-Sunni or many other sects. On the other side, there is no limit of sects in the Hindus. Many of ancient so-called Gods, thousands of sects, thousands of present-day fake Gods, thousands of so-called castes, sub-castes, separate Gods of those castes, and many others, is responsible for the plight of Hindu society. Here, brick, stone, river, snake, tree are also considered God and being worshiped. Actually, the human worships them, but in fact, he does not worship the real God, who is creator, operator, Omnipresent and formless.

In such a tragic situation, what is the matter of the universe, how can the unity of this earth and even India and Hindus be possible? Considering Dharma and God as the only subject of beliefs, the society and the world is worshiping them drowned in ignorance. There is no place of real logic and science in religion. In fact, all these God-believing people do not even know in the dream that what is God? How does he create and operate the universe? What is his mechanism? In the absence of this true knowledge, all human beings are wandering in darkness of ignorance and sowing seeds of mutual suffering.

The true path of real knowledge will be given to all these wandering human beings, whether they are scientist or followers of God, communal goodwill or followers of the leftist or atheist communities by Our Vaidic Science.