Today science invents a technology, then researches on its side effects for some years. After this, it invented another technology that appears to be harmless, and after some time its disadvantageous results are discovered, the series continues and after a waste of billions and trillions of dollars and labour, a scientist like Stephen Hawking says that now people have to invent the crafts to leave for any other planet or galaxy. No scientist ever thinks about the root cause of this problem.

As far as I understand, this is all happen due to the incomplete modern theoretical physics or somewhere having wrong path. The most important reason of desecration of living method of life is to forget the God and soul’s principles and power. A student of little scientific intellect or ridiculed in the beliefs of modern science, the so-called enlightened laughs on the beliefs such as God, soul, sincerity, renunciation etc. They consider them a sign of backwardness. The so-called modern man who is sitting on TV channels or running pen in newspapers, suffering from 21st century fever and speaks what he wants? I would like to say to these arrogant men of false scientific intellect that to deny the power of God and the soul is much unscientific. The more we go to the depths of the theoretical physics, we will be more able to understand God’s power with much clarity, but unfortunately the modern scientists have captivated themselves in the boundaries of technology, mathematics and various basic constants based on their own limited strength. They do not put their intellect outside those boundaries, that is why they can not enter the maximum depth of physics, then how the realization of the existence and deeds of God have known? Keep in mind that accepting the existence of God and soul is not enough, but knowing the real nature of them is compulsory, otherwise it is inevitable to fall into another vortex.