Increasing technology is not only a result of the inadequate desire of facilities or luxuries, but it is also the adverse consequences of commercialism of science. People of business practice have shown the dream of facilities to the public that they are becoming continuously luxurious and are suffering from various diseases, and due to the industries of that sources, the environment of the earth is continuously degrading. Today, the scale of development is also that the more consumption of energy by any country, is considered to be a sign of more development. It means that today voluptuous people are considered to be developed and stoic is backward. In this case, our ancient Rishis, and great men will how be able to be anyone’s ideal? Due to the hunger of luxuries of people, mutual fraternity, love,

compassion, family and social values are being destructed. The human being, who has been aiming for the earning of wealth and luxurious means, has gone far away from the values ​​and duties of human ​​and true religion. Then why the stupidity of finding ways to stop crimes is being done. Today, people are becoming unemployed in the growing quantity of instruments and robots. The rich class can run their own business with the help of these instruments, but millions of poor workers of the world, who are not able to sustain their livelihood, will lose their employment, then what will happen to them? This is the reason why poor is heading towards more poverty and wealthy towards more prosperity? This is one of the major reasons for class struggle, somewhere, this is also the main reason of Naxalism like terrorism. The problem of theft, robbery has been given birth or extended by these problems, but in the craze of the so-called development of science, the policy makers of the world, who are well-prosper and self-sufficient, don’t hear the voices of sad men’s sorrows.