If any Nation or world is supposed to be a train, then the education of that country and the world is like a railway track, on which that nation or world runs. Unfortunately, our country is running on such a foreign educat

ion system, where there is no place for Vaidic True Dharma (science), nationality, virtues, renunciation, non-violence, truth, honesty, brahmacharya, mutual fraternity etc... Science is creating a crisis for the entire world by becoming the sponsor of many unnecessary and harmful technologies under the shadow of incompleteness, suspicion, myths and professionalism. Today, many types of conflicting theories are flourishing in the field of physics, and on their research trillions of dollars being spent worldwide annually. Nobody ponders that how the conflicting views can take the form of science? Human in the greed of momentary pleasures, joy and luxury is creating anarchy in the nation and the world.

On the other hand, religion which is suffering from superstitious beliefs, rationalism, hypocrisy etc. and far away from true Science, logic, neutrality and universalism, is snatching the intellect and sense of humans.

In such a situation, our Vaidic science and scientific interpretation of Aitrey Brahmin, 'Ved Vigyan-Alok', which is coming soon in front of the world and is under publication, will provide a surprising and all new way to the modern science as well as the Religion. This text will be of great benefit to the people of high scientific talent, humanists, true patriots etc.

To be continued .........