Recently, the statement of the MoS, Union Human Resource Development, Honourable Dr. Satypal Singh that the human is not originated from monkey, became the reason for the Indian intellectuals stir. Some great people of scientific thinking are calling it a communal stereotypical orthodox thinking. I urge those greats that this idea of ​​the minister is not a conservative but a part of Vaidic science based on strong logics. It is not that only some Indian scholars oppose Darwinian theory, but many European scientists also deny it. I want to question the evolutionists of the world, who oppose it. These questions are preliminary, more questions will be asked if these are answered-

On Biological Development

1. Evolutionists tells that the human gradually developed from monkey, which was early an amoeba. Tell us how did the amoeba originated?

2. If life came from another planet, how did it originate there? When there can be an origin, then why can not it be on this earth?

3. If Amoeba was born on a planet with chemical reactions, then why can not the origin of the human’s sperm and the ovum be produced?

4. It is said that the wings of the beings are grow, whenever there is a need to fly, but from when the man has been born, he has been trying to make an airplane to fly, why don’t his wings grow? If this happens then the invention of the airplane is not required.

5. In the cold regions, it is said that long hair is developed on the body, then why should not the hair like the hair of the bear, living in cold countries? Why did they need the blanket etc.?

6. The giraffe's neck became so long, because it used to eat trees leaves when the grass on the ground dried up. Just tell how long remained the grass dry and the leaves of the trees green? Then the goat still eats leaves with two legs on the tree, why did its neck not become long?

7. The monkey's tail disappeared, and he became a human. Can anyone tell me how the monkey's tail disappeared? Did he stop using the tail? Can anyone tell us that what uses monkey do by his tail and why he stopped that use? If this is the case, then nose of the human being and the ears could disappear and only a hole should remain. Human beings have been cutting their hair and nails for millions of years, even then these are growing continuously, why?

8. Why didn’t all monkeys develop and become human? Some have been running as Amoeba yet, and we have become human, what is this?

9. It is said that snakes had feet in early ages, slowly they disappeared. Just think how their legs disappeared, while the feet of all other legged beings have not worn at all.

10. How the without bone beings became the bone having? Why did they need the bones?

11. Where did the chain of creatures formed between monkey and man?

12. Why did development stopped at man? Who paused it? Is there no need for that development?

Intellectual and Linguistic Development

1. It is said that human beings gradually developed the intellect, then the question is why there is no intellectual development in monkeys and other creatures?

2. At the time of human birth, there were only animal and birds on this earth, then why didn’t human learn their behaviour? How did human behaviour develop? Why there is not much intellectual development in millions of tribal?

3. Cows, buffaloes, horses, sheep, goats, camels, elephants have been human pets for millions of years. They didn’t learn human language or human behaviour; then how did this development happen in only humans?

4. Junk burning with lamps for billions of years, could not even developed intellectual development that prevent itself from burning, and the monkey became so intelligent as human that it is ready to travel to Mars? Did not even the wisdom grow into evolutionists to know this? Earlier, snake charmer caught the snake playing bean and used to do the same today, but there was not so much development in the snake that he did not get caught by the snake charmer.

5. The men were much richer than the present in terms of force, memory power and physical resistance, why this diminution happened today, when the development should have been done?

6. Grammar of Sanskrit language, which is the most ancient language, is rich and systematic than all the languages ​​of the modern world, then why there is a diminution in place of development?

7. The modern science is at the back in many perspectives than the science presented in the books of ancient sages and Vedas; I am going to prove it soon, then how there is a diminution in the field of science? Earlier, the sages used to know about the creation only by intuition, then today that knowledge does not get even through many resources. How did this inverse happen?

Well, if there was intellectual growth in animal and birds, then none of the animal or bird will be in control of man. What kind of ignorance is it that believes that there is no intellectual development in animal or birds, but physical development transforms them into human beings, and there is no physical development in humans, but only linguistic and intellectual development occurs. Will the evolutionists tell me the reason of this?

Today, the person who speaks the language of evolution or the Pauranik (Orthodox Hindu), can tell Shri Hanuman, a monkey, he doesn’t have a serious knowledge of the Valmiki Ramayana. In fact, Vanar, Riksh, Gridh, Kinnar, Asura, Devas, Nag etc. were the only various classes of the human race. Identifying the interventions (mis concepts) in historical texts is worth hard work and intelligence.

On the other side, I want to request briefly to the enlightened people, who believes in the publication of a paper in any scientific journal as the criterion of authenticity.

1. The letters of both sides are published in these journals, in favour of Big Bang Theory and in the favour of eternal Universe theory, then which theory do you believe to be true?

2. Theories of black holes and against black holes are also published in these magazines, then whom we should believe in the true?

3. Both the theories of the expansion of the universe and against the expansion of the universe are published, then whom should we believe to be true?

Many such examples can be given. For this reason, it is not necessary that we must take the proof of truth from a particular class? In our Vaidic and Indian perspective, the conclusions derived from proper reasoning, sacred profound intuition and meditation (not physical exercise) are more authentic than the experiments, observations and mathematics performed by current resources. If experimentation, observation and mathematics are not compatible with intuition and proper reasoning, then the entire labour of the scientists can be in vain. This is the reason that many contradictory theories are available even after the availability of experiments, trials, observations and mathematics, and spending trillions of dollars per year on these resources, all are telling themselves the truth. If science universally believes in mathematics and experiments, then will anybody take help of mathematics and experiments on Darwin’s Evolution?

For this reason, I request my honourable scientists and enlightened people of the country and the world that they should not introduce themselves as intellectual slave by opposing every antique wisdom of old knowledge and blind following the modern system. Try to abandon the falsehood and acceptance of truth with the help of a logical sight. Yes, it is definitely objectionable to try standing up any communal conservative thinking before science.

- Acharya Agnivrat Naishthik