Our Prime Aim

Our prime aim is to present the real element of Spiritual and Material science. And by the help of proper co-ordination of both the sciences we will help the world with the development of material science and in elemination of communalism, casteism, regionalism, radicalism, violence, envy etc. and setting up the world peace having the virtues such as truth, non-violence, love, compassion, brotherhood etc.

For this great work, through the serious research on ancient Vaidic and Rishi-Dev tradition and by researching the ancient knowledge and science of the Ramayana and Mahabharata age, and solving many unresolved problems of modern science with the help of Vaidic Science. By that this world has come to know about the Vaidic knowledge and science of Ancient Indian (Aryavarta) culture, civilization and development. For this purpose, we will constantly try to contact not only the Indian but also the top scientists of the world and co-operate with them in development of fundamental physics through the great Vaidic science. The scientists of this world will realize that the knowledge of Vedas and Rishis is not related to any sect but is the source and origin of great knowledge and science, then the enlightened class of the world will be free from its prejudices and adopt it like modern science. And for this they will also feel the credit of ancient India, as well as they will contribute in the unity of the world by exeperiencing that the Sages, Munis are their ancestors and ideals. This will also attract them to Vaidic spiritual science (Yoga Sadhana), Politics, Sociology, Ayurveda, agriculture, environment and Sanskrit language. This will end the disillusionment of world’s fictitious religions and inspire the people to adopt a divine Vaidic Dharma.