Objectives of Research

Scientific Region

It will give unparalleled guidance in the solutions of unsolved problems of modern physics. Acharyaji and shri Vishal Arya states that in many of the established theories of modern physics, have many drawbacks. The development of technology based on this science, has many deficiencies and somewhere harming the creature’s world and environment. The world is worried about the crisis of pollution of environment, but this gentlemen and scientific society is seeming unable to find out the fundamental cause of all these. By debating on the macro reasons and making some efforts to remove these is not possible to solve it permanently and multidimensionally. Medicine of one disease is creating another disease, it can be seen everywhere. Today, not only earth, water, space but also manas-tatva is also being polluted, for that not only natural disasters are increasing but also many diseases of mind and body are growing, and crimes are increasing day by day. A famous scientist like Stephen Hawking is also warning of elimination of creatures from this earth after 100 years. No one is pondering that responsible cause of all this is the present technology and the horrible trend of amateur development. All are having fun of enjoying the technologies, having no idea of for-coming disaster. We state that in remote future, the technologies which will be all safe, can be made using this vaidic science. In the ancient age of Rishis, Dev, Asura and Gandharva, had this type of safe technology, because in that time, they have the knowledge of vaidic physics. Today’s learned class making fun of the technology used in the time of Mahabharata and Ramayana. They will come to know about their illusion by Acharyaji’s explanation.

Religious Region

         After establishment of vaidic education system, human’s amateur trend of life will be shifted to the religiousness and the need of the technology will be reduced. For that the religious scholars of the world will get a new dimension. They will come to know about the God’s real and scientific structure and how he works in the creation, operations and destruction of the universe? What his mechanism is? This will be understood specifically. This trend will make scientific review of their own religious sects, consequently it will be useful for human unity and universal brotherhood. People will get inspiration for, to leave the unscientific and to go for scientific aspects. By this the whole world will go towards one Dharma, one language and one emotion as the ancient golden time of vaidic age. The work of Acharyaji, will be beneficial in stopping the religious clashes, terrorism and tendency of violence.

Social Region

From the misunderstanding of vedas and other literature many of the social problems are grown up as- casteism, discrimination, idleness, anti-nationalism, violence, non-veg eating, communalism, exploitation of women, sacrifices of animal human, drugs, sexual disorders, illiteracy etc. By considering this science, a high scientific nature of vaidic sculptures will be revealed, which will destroy these social and communal problems by the core itself. Today some of the enlightened organizations in the country are talking about the war between the Aryans and Bandits in the Vedas, and telling the so-called foreigners are foreigners trying to plant a civil war in the country. They are condemning the vaidic sculptures, Rishis and Devatas, their illusion will come in front of them by the book of Acharyaji and they can also be a vaidic follower, as well as all will come to know the scientific reason of the social harmony. The followers of the non-vegetarian and autocratic humans will be able to know about the pleasant and scientific nature of the vaidic virtues and non-violence. This will generate a new enlightenment into the sociologist of this age.

Sanskrit Language

Through this work vaidic Sanskrit language can be proven to be Godly and cosmological language, thus the Sanskrit language will get the reputation in the world. The new confidence will be grow up in the Gurukul’s and schools of ancient literature and they will get a way to getting honor in the world.

Nationality and History

Although vedas are the texts of the universe, India has preserved these as a safest place in the world till now, because of it the authority over the science of the vedas is of India’s. With the publication of this science, the ancient knowledge and science, culture, civilization and history will get a reputation in the world, so that India will be able to retrieve its ancient glory of Jagadguru. Today, in the Indian history many of the distortion have arisen due to not understanding the language and science of the vaidic scriptures. The effort of searching the human history in the vaidic literature is the main fault of the  pollution of the Indian history. The solution of this whole problem will be far-reaching and permanent by the work of Acharyaji, with this work the enlightened men of the world will get a new scientific vision (in real, Ancient vision) towards the study of Indian history, vedas and the literature of the ancient sages. All the foreign unbiased scholars also feel proud in telling themselves an offspring of the ancient sages. They will be eager to telling India their ancient guide. The historian, who is doing research on the Indian history will get a new scientific vision to find out the possibilities and impossibilities of the incidents. From this research, the conch shell of intellectual freedom will resonate in Indian enlightened people, which is today full of curse of intellectual slavery everywhere.