My Determination

I, with my fellow countrymen and others who welcomes the truth with heart, and wants to establish peace in the world by searching the truth, and have wish of all humans mentally and physical developement, want to request that I have completed the Scientific Interpretation of the Aitrey Brahmin, which is written by Maharishi Aitrey Mahidas, long before the Mahabharata. It is being very first time in the world (According to my knowledge). On the basis of Aitrey Brahmin Science, I will solve the unsolved problems of Modern Physics like- Form of the fundamental particles and the science of their creation, Form of Electric field and science of its first ever production, Form of fundamental forces and science of their creation, Form of Gravitation force and science of its creation, space and time etc. It will collapse the hypothesis of Big Bang Model of the creation of the universe and will establish the theory of eternal cycle of universe made from the eternal object, science of the creation of stats and galaxies, the science of the creation of universe from the holy vaidic mantras and their being Godly, the science of being vaidic sanskrit language as universal language, solution of many serious problems of mass and energy, the science of the origin of mass and energy, criticism of Indian Astrophysicist Abhas Mitra's theory of MECO modal in the place of Black Hole, on the basis of Aitrey Science, need of the God in the creation and operation of the universe and its scientific form. I want to give a serious scientific direction on all the above issues of Modern Science upon which the great physicists of the world can research in coming decades. I am resoluted to give this research work a final touch by the Mahashivratri 2077 (2021 AD) and prove the vedas- a creation of God and the fundamental root of all the science. In this work, the founder of Arya Samaj, Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati is my only Guru, because on the basis of the signs of his literature, I get support in understanding the real philosophy of Vaidic science. In ancient Sages, Maharishi Brahma, Mahadev Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Devrishi Brihaspati, Bhagwan Manu, Bhagwan Shri Ram, Bhagwan Krishna, Maharishi Agastya, Maharishi Bhardwaj, Maharishi Vashishth, Maharishi Valmiki, Dev-rishi Narad, Maharishi Vyas, Maharishi Kapil, Maharshi Patanjali, Maharishi Kanad, Maharishi Panini, Maharishi Aitreya Mahidas, Maharishi Yagnavalkya, etc. with many Maharis and as well as I pay my homage to the ancient Vedas Vidushis, I consider many holy mothers as my ideal such as Lopamudra, Gargi, Bhagwati Uma, Bhagwati Sita etc. There is the affection and encouragement from the Vaidic Scholar such as Acharya Vishuddhananda Mishra, Late Acharya Prembhikshu Vaan-Prastha, Late Acharya Satyavrat Rajesh, Late Ramnath Vedalankar as well as Shri Swami Vedanand Saraswati (Uttarkashi), Dr. Jaydutt Upreti (Almora) and Dr. Raghuveer Vedalankar (Delhi) and Dr. Bhawanilal Bharatiya etc.

Here in the field of Modern Physics, I pay respect to the great scientists such as Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Albert Einstein, Richard P. Feyman, Max Planck, Chandrasekhar Subrahmanyam, Chandrasekhar Venkatramanan and Satyendranath Bose etc. In the present world I consider renowned Astrophysicist Prof. Abhasakumar Mitra (Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai) as my specially motivative and beneficial person, from whom I have been taking suggestions on Modern Physics by the continuous discussion since August 2004. I have learned about the fundamental problems of Modern physics and has also solved many doubts about Modern Physics by the friendly discussion of many times with many scientist such as Space Scientist Prof. A R. Rao (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai), Particle Physicist Prof. N.K. Mandal (Head, Indian Neutrino Observatory, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai) and renowned planetary scientist Prof. Narendra Bhandari (Honorary Scientist, Indian Science Academy) etc. Apart from these, my communication has been with many other physicists also. Among them main Scientists are- Padma Bhushan Pro. Ajitaram Verma (Former Director, National Physical Sciences Laboratory, New Delhi), Dr. Chacherkar (Former Director, Defense Laboratory, Jodhpur), Prof. Ashok Ambastha (Scientist, Solar Observatory, Udaipur), Prof. K.C. Poria, Head of the Department of Physics, South Gujrat University, Surat. I heartily thank all of them. I have immense faith in God that my resolve will surely be fulfilled by his grace.

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