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Nirukta's scientific annotation is being done by Acharya ji.

This annotation will serve as a basis in opening up serious scientific mysteries of Vedas and Brahmin texts.

Vedic ideology, especially physics, is being promoted through social media.

Lectures on Vedic Rashmi Theory in Universities.

To give a strong reply to the false accusations being made on Veda etc. scriptures.

Solving the doubts of curious youth.

    • After the Brahmin scriptures, it is the closest to the Vedas and the basis for understanding it.

    • None of the interpretations available at this time is able to publish the true and scientific nature of the Vedas due to non-understanding of the exact scientific nature of the interpretations of the disabled.

    • Not only foreign interpreters have ridiculed the interpretations of the disabled, but some Vedic scholars are also seen to ridicule some of the interpretations of their pandits.

    • It is because of the lack of true science of the disabled that the Brahmin scriptures, the director of the great knowledge sciences, have not been understood till today.

    • All the present available speakers of the disabled are clearly visible in the sacrifice, the charity and sacrifice of men and women, as well as the signs of obscenity. Even acharya Durg, the famous and authentic commentator of the disabled, has not been able to escape these sins. For these reasons, many Vedas and alleged anti-national enlightened people are constantly making sharp blows on the Vedas, which are often compelled to silence all Vedic scholar’s incapable of answering themselves.

    • For all these reasons, no Vedic scholar is able to dare to speak before the present science today. Therefore, even with many interpretations available in the market, Acharya Ji has been compelled to make a scientific interpretation of the same as the Atreya Brahmin.

 Why the annotation of Nirukta?
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