Make a Donation For Revival of Vaidic Physics

Note : Please don't send us money from foreign accounts right now.

Polite Request

Dear readers! we hope that you have understood the research and the importance of our work. If your heart and mind are excited for this unique research of the Vedas and you want to help us, then you can become a partner in our Yagya as follows:

  1. By donating minimum of Rs. 12,000/- per annul or minimum one lac rupees one time and you can become Associate patron of our trust. You will be invited as special guest in trust's annual meeting, which often held on the occasion of the annual summit.

  2. By donating a minimum of Rs. 6,000/- per annul or at least Rs. 50,000/- one time and you can become Specially invited member. You will also be invited as special guest on the occasion of the annual meeting.

  3. By donating a minimum of Rs. 1,000/- per annul or one hundred per month continuously and you can be an Associate member.

NOTE: We send annual audit report of the trust by C.A. to all the above-mentioned members. Those noblemen, who can not donate themselves, they can help join at least 8 other members to the trust by motivating others and become free members of the same category or Associate Patron.

Special Request

This is Very Holy work, so according to the emotions of Acharyaji we are not able to accept the donations from the people whose live is related to any of this profession like- Smuggling, Violence, theft, sexuality enhancer products, selling of intoxication products, Betrayal, Exploitation etc. Yes, anyone who want to join us by leaving these professions, then we will welcome them. 

You can contribute through different methods (mentioned below).



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Open BHIM app and select a QR code from scanned via “PICK FROM GALLERY” button.

2. Payment by Bank Transfer (Saving Account)

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Punjab National Bank

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Shri Vaidic Swasti Pantha Nyas

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You can donate us in these bank accounts but after that you must inform us as soon as possible, with your Name, Address and Contact number, so that we can send you a receipt of the donation made by you.

Note : Donations made to the trust is non-taxable under the Indian Income Tax Act, section 80G.

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State Bank of India

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Shri Vaidic Swasti Pantha Nyas

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Khari Road, Bhinmal

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