The Vaidic Theory of Universe  Understanding the Macrocosmos through the Microcosmos with the knowledge flourished and enshrined in India since time immemorial

 Ved Vigyan-Alok

(The Vaidic Theory of Universe) 

This book is a scientific interpretation of Aitarey brahman (Brahman Granth of Rigveda–World’s oldest book ~ 7000 years) written by Mahrishi Aitarey Mahidas. Apart from that, the knowledge, given by all four Vedas and Rishis, from Maharishi Brahma to Maharishi Dayanand and Mahadev Shiva etc. has been used in this Granth. Theory (Vaidic Rashmi Theory) given in this book, completely explains the formation process of so-called fundamental particles from more fundamental things and solve many unsolved mysteries of modern physics.

Acharya Agnivrat Naishthik

Acharya Agnivrat Naishthik (Chairman, Vaidic and Modern Physics Research Centre) is a Vaidic Scientist and author of ‘Ved Vigyan Alok’. He is doing research on Aitreya Brahmin for 8-10 years. The Aitreya Brahmin is the Brahmin text of Rigveda (the oldest book of the world). The language of this book is indicative and very complex. He has made scientific interpretation of the Aitreya Brahmin, named ‘Ved Vigyan-Alok’ consists 2800 pages. 

Acharya Ji’s work in my view

Aitrey Brahmin is the Brahmanical text of Rigveda and Rigveda is considered the text of knowledge. Without understanding Aitrey Brahmin, we can’t understand Rigveda fully. Aitrey Brahmin, which is written approx. 7000 years ago, not understood by anyone yet. By understanding such a serious science, mysterious and complex text, 

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